Step 1.

The Environmental Analyst will telephone and introduce him/herself to the business owner, answering all questions of the potential client. With some basic information, the Analyst will quote a price for certification at that time.

Step 2.

The Environmental Analyst will e-mail an agreement to the client along with other materials for client evaluation.

Step 3.

When the client receives the agreement, the Analyst will phone the client to answer any questions concerning the agreement.

Step 4.

After the client has signed the agreement and the refundable deposit is received at the corporate office, the Environmental Analyst will e-mail the Audit to the client for review. After reviewing the Audit, if the client does not want to proceed, the deposit will be refunded. That is IGBC guarantee.

Step 5.

After the client has had a chance to adjust their environmental practices accordingly, the Environmental Analyst will call to review the Audit in detail with the client or their designated person. This step will likely take less than two hours and may be completed in several telephone calls if the client desires.

Step 6.

The Environmental Analyst will schedule the on-site evaluation of the business and complete the visual verification of the telephone portion of the audit while making suggestions for improvements and additional cost saving opportunities for the client. The Analyst will complete the audit at that time.

Step 7.

The Environmental Analyst will send a copy of the Audit to the IGBA corporate office for review by the Certifying Committee.

Step 8.

Once the Audit is reviewed, and final payment received, certificates and marketing materials will be sent to the client via a combination of priority mail and e-mail. The IGBA corporate office is the only entity authorized to issue certificates.

Step 9.

Press releases will be sent to all local media from the IGBC corporate office, if the client provides a list of local media. At this time we have found 7 out of 10 times the media will feature an article on the newly certified business.